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In the early 1990’s my husband and I were transferred from Texas to Leicestershire, England with his job, which ended up being a 11 year assignment. We had taken our 22 Arabian horses and five Miniature Schnauzer dogs with us, and the Reed Ark settled in the Midlands of The British Empire.

We first got introduced to the beauty and magic of Ragdoll cats when we traded a young Arabian mare to a friend for two Ragdoll girls. Shortly after that we imported our first red male and his beautiful ’wife’ - a tortie colored girl from the U.S. A few of their offspring can still be found in some of the nicest cats throughout Europe.

We stopped breeding after a few years until after we returned to the U.S. Now after 15 years we started another Ragdoll family with my original lines and added the very old British lines to it, along with some of the newer chocolate and lylac colors and the lynx patterns. In 2014 we fell in love with the Bengal Breed and we reduced our Ragdolls so we could add a Bengal Stud and a couple Females. Totally different in character than Raggies - we enjoyed them just as much - their intelligence and endless energy. Please read about the Bengal history to learn about the fascinating development of this beautiful breed.

Our mission is to strive to breed for the very best type and temperament and health. We are very careful where our Bengal babies end up and hope to stay in touch with prospective new ’parents’. We stand behind our cats by giving a 5 year Genetic Health Guarantee. All our breeding cats are tested for genetic diseases such as HCM and we test every single cat on our premises for FIV/FeLV and we have a FIP negative cattery.

The most important part for us is that the adopting family is totally in love with their new baby, then and only then will there be a lifelong relationship of mutual trust and joy.



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